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Soulful Embroidery, LLC. offers top-quality products that fulfill all your embroidery needs. We believe in making a difference in the world, and that is why we committed to donating Elf Hats to 13 middle school teachers at our local school.

December 2023


Soulful Embroidery Braille gift 3.png

25+ Sales on Etsy

Soulful Embroidery, LLC is an embroidery business that provides a unique touch to any design. With over 30 Etsy sales, our SOULful stitch brings a quality that stands out from the rest. We have been successfully reaching many customers across America, bringing you new braille products!

June 2023

Giving Back to Our Community

Who We Are

Reaching out to the Visionally Impaired

Becoming More Inclusive

A shocking 12 MILLION people in the US are vision impaired! What is more  surprising is the gift selection for those Americans. We are introducing raised font gifts on Etsy to help brighten their day! Personalized gifts for the SOUL.

April 2021
Soulful Embroidery rainbowEtsy.png

Forward FIVE

Uplifting Small Business

Supporting small business, we are investing 5 custom embroidery aprons into our community. Hoping to trigger a 'pay it forward' initiative, where small businesses help one another!

March 2021

Now thru April

You've Been ELF'd

Holiday Event

"We had so much fun making up and delivering our "You've Been Elf'd" baskets and this year we were able to include handmade ornaments made by a local company called Soulful Embroidery. "

DEC. 2020 

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